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Children playing on a playground with The People's Market and Rockwood Market Hall in the background


The People’s Market at Rockwood is an incubator market centering Black, Indigenous and People of Color (BIPOC) farmers and makers who are looking to build a business that will sustain their families and communities.


Located in one of the most ethnically and racially diverse neighborhoods in Oregon, The People’s Market at Rockwood started in 2020 as a way to serve our community during the COVID-19 pandemic. During the pandemic, many community members lost their jobs and families became dependent on USDA food boxes which do not provide fresh produce.


Rockwood is a food desert, which means that there are few places within the neighborhood to purchase fresh food like fruits and vegetables. Additionally, many neighbors in the Rockwood community are immigrants or refugees and are seeking produce that is culturally specific to them and may not be found in traditional grocery stores. In 2022, the People's Market moved from its original location at the Sunrise Center to the Downtown Rockwood Plaza. 

The People's Market is more than just a farmers market. It is a community gathering place, a place to connect with cultural heritage, a place to nourish our families and make new friends.

Our Team

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